Monday, October 06, 2008


untoppable song-writing (aka: a notable lack of progress in r&b classics for pre-teen slow dancing since 1994)

on saturday night, i rocked it old skool at a rollar rink in the sprawl of sacramento. i was mocked extensively by most of the several hundred middle schoolers at the rink, due in large part to the fact that my friend had insisted that we all wear outfits 'appropriate for, say, black rock rollar disco' to his birthday celebration, but also due in moderate part to the fact that i insisted on dancing on my skates any time the dj played top 40 hip hop (which is to say: pretty much the whole time). but i still had a rad time. excessively rad, really--rollar skating is fucking awesome.

all of this pales in interestingness, however, in comparison to the identity of the last song of the night--

the ONLY couples skate song that they played--

the song in the coveted sigh-it's-almost-time-for-mom-to-pick-me-up-and-omg-my-crush-is-right-there-i-totally-get-to-skate-with-him-holding-hands!!!! time slot--

i'll make love to you, by boyz ii men.

plz to stop spelling it "rollar" - thx. but yes, 'tis fucking awesome, and i would like to similarly make an ass of my self and reminisce on wheels sometime in the near future.
snap x10. i'm blushing, but in the interest of honesty i'm going to leave the typo. and note that google has 4.78 million hits for the spelling i chose.

mary and i have been musing upon the idea of a rollEr rave for some time now. with alex as the supervising dj for the evening. i'm still motivated to follow through, but my enthusiasm was slightly tempered by the realization that it is VERY hard to manipulate one's hips while skating. i'm a little concerned that when a good beat drops, everyone's going to stop skating and/or leave the rink to dance properly.
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