Tuesday, December 13, 2005

last weekend i had a rather unusual friday. well...unusual for me. but really, it seemed like a very san francisco friday night.

a friend was visiting, and he was in charge of the general outline of the evening. started out with a nice dinner out across town, which by itself is a bit weird for me on a weekend. we picked up another friend, got ready to go out, and left my house for 12 galaxies. having sworn off spending money on live shows approximately 11.5 months ago, i do NOT generally go to 12 galaxies to start out my evenings, but the only inflexible part of the night's outline was that we had to meet someone at this particular venue.

the meeting with the person we found at 12 galaxies, alone, would warrant a post. our meeting exemplified all that is good about burning man and seamless national community. i had only seen him (baccus) once, briefly, on the playa, and we wouldn't have recognized each other, but we are affiliated with the same camp and have many mutual friends. i've been *almost* meeting up with him for few months due to one or another of my houseguests trying to connect with him, but we never managed to actualize a run-in. so we finally met, and our greeting was lovely and made my heart smile with the beauty of the thing... new friends who you're already friends with... it's truly incredible. and it saves a lot of time, no?

anyways, so we met baccus and another new insta-friend, hung out for a bit getting properly lubricated, then went to a party that my guest and i wanted to check out. it was at il pirata, which i had not previously been to. we didn't stay for that long, and i didn't dance, but we stayed long enough for me to have a long-awaited and much-needed conversation with an...antagonist, shall we say. and that was good. after we left il pirata we jaunted over to russian hill, and spent the duration of the night partying in an apartment overlooking the city.

so yeah. totally lacked dancing; i wore heeled platforms all night; i played with none of my usual crowd; and i spent most of the night at someone's gorgeous house in a part of town i never ever visit.

but i felt like i was in sF and really being a city girl, and that was great.

oh, and really the only reason i even thought to write about this is that i just cleaned out my purse from that night. do you not LOVE the things that you find in your purse after a hazy night? flyers, bumper stickers, money, notes, business cards... i started laughing out loud about halfway through.

right then. more soon, yes please.

post script:

i just got a beautiful message from a new friend who was visiting the u.s. recently. her written english isn't perhaps perfect, but that made it better. it says this...

You shine. Also when you think you don't.

thank you, maria. can't wait til you and malou come back...

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