Friday, March 16, 2007



i really like this idea. the idea of a national day of ritual to cleanse the country of the bush mess. sure, it's a wee bit cheesy. but i think we'd all feel a whole lot better :)

[I]t is becoming increasingly evident that a great national purifying ritual is just about exactly what we need. We are, after all, almost at that point. The Great Bleakness is nearing its end and you can veritably feel the swarm of uptight BushCo demons and malicious energies swirling around the country like happy karmic leeches, like a giant intellectual rash, like black raindrops of dank sweat from Karl Rove's evil mealy thighs.
Here is what we can do: We shall burn a bush. Ten thousand bushes. Maybe a million. Bushes laced with sage, lavender, pine, incense, with eight years of warmongering and intolerance and those beady squinty vacant eyes. We shall gather in parks or street corners or fire pits at the beach sometime next year, and ignite.

We will burn bush. We will burn away Bush. We shall purify and rinse and cleanse the nation of this horrific and banal poison, once and for all, and it shall be Good.

Monday, March 12, 2007



i was told the other day that an acquaintence of mine is going to be on a 'pirate REALITY show'.

the way i figure it, there are two options:

a) they are making a REALITY show about REAL pirates, in which participants carry and use dangerous weaponry against innocent people, board vessels to steal cargo, and otherwise participate in highly illegal activities.

b) they are making a REALITY show about an old and now non-existent class of sea-faring people whose alleged activities have been romanticized and mythologized to an extent that there is likely very little factual basis for any currently told stories, making this REALITY show a show about something FAKE.

for the sake of semantic accuracy i am, of course, rooting for option a).

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