Sunday, March 27, 2005

i just danced for 10 hours. i don't want to go to'll make the cloud disintegrate...

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


becoming a girl again

yesterday i shaved my legs for the first time since may 23, 2001. today i got a pedicure for the first time EVER. i own so much makeup that a new girlfriend recently got exCITed about how much cool stuff i had. i've worn more jewelry in the last month than i did from 1994 through 2003, put together. my idea of relaxing and destressing good times is going clothes shopping (and i don't always just hit thrift stores either).

please...please please PLEASE--

don't tell any of my old friends.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


welcome to the neighborhood!

i've been aching to post since i got back, but haven't had the time to sit down and focus on writing the two longs posts i want to compose. in the meantime...

so i haven't had a grocery store since i moved to the bay area. no really. i'm sure most of you have heard me complain about it, too. oakland has NOOOOO organic produce, and no large natural food stores. i don't like berkeley bowl, and besides it's a bit of an ordeal to get there. (i *will* give a quick shout-out to the lakeshore natural foods store. it's lovely. but it's far from my house and small and quiet and doesn't have produce or quorn or my soy milk brand.)

coming from davis, where we take our consumerism very seriously, i was used to having my cozy coop a couple of minutes away. i looooved going to the coop. there was a year where i went to the store pretty much every day just because i enjoyed it so much. (well, that and the fact that cooperative living breeds an ungodly amount of spontaneous potlucking, and therefore an ungodly amount of going-to-buy-bread-and-brie-real-quick-before-heading-to-a-dinner.) wonderful food, a nice friendly atmosphere, and in my case a place where i would see at least a handful of acquaintances during every visit.

so i've been missing having a store to shop at. also--no joke--my diet has been suffering tremendously. (nothing wrong with a caloric intake that consists entirely of frozen and canned foods if they're all organic, right? right? riiiiight.)

yesterday i took off from work early specifically to go grocery shopping. i had been told that there was an awesome natural foods store near my new home, but i was apprehensive cuz of my dislike of berkeley bowl.

yeah, so rainbow. oh wow. i felt silly because i was smiling so much. that place is lovely. the highlight? finding a packaged raw foods section and a whole shelf of lydia's organics. i'm eating the italian crackers right now.

'i think i'm gon-na like it here!'

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