Saturday, June 12, 2004


new town

1. after 31 hours, things are adequate, if not amazing. the new payrate at work is being under-utilized, since i am still lacking a full workload. the new office is veeeery quiet and small, but they have better pens and lots of jelly bellys lying around. i don't have my own cube yet, which is exasperating. the cube i am in contains 31 framed pictures of a woman, her husband, her son, and her dog. it is hard to find places to put my stuff, due to the large number of pictures in frames.

2. my apartment is, um, crowded. i didn't think ahead very well about the amount of space i would have to play with. i worked on my room from 3 until 7:30 yesterday, plus from 10:30 to midnight, and i still had to sleep in my sleeping bag because the bed is still propped up against the wall due to utter lack of floorspace. i'm having a lot of fun organizing, though! love it.

3. i hung out with my friend john last night, who i never got to see because he lives in san francisco. so that was super-cool. we went exploring and discovered that there are no non-chinese restaurants anywhere near my apartment, but that there are some nice places a little ways away.

4. i biked to work this morning. it took FIVE minutes. yes, that is correct. FIVE minutes on bike. this is a nice change from 20-minutes-without-traffic-if-i-drive-over-the-spped-limit, that's for sure.

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