Saturday, March 20, 2004



'Americans are three times as likely to believe in the virgin birth of Jesus as in evolution.' that's from the new york times.

why do they call small individually wrapped candy bar pieces 'fun sized'??? i personally think it's more fun to eat a *whole* candy bar rather than an 1/8 of a candy bar.

note: the duration of this entry may only be amusing to those of you who are also environmental consultants. and in fact, it may not be amusing at all.

at work i've been task with responding to comments on a draft environmental impact report on a winery. reading public comments is one of the rewards of this job. the comments go into the public record for a document and a project, and are published with the final version of the document. no matter how much i may agree with a commenter's general stance, it can be very difficult to read some of their letters with a straight face.

my favorite comment from the letters i'm wading through this week: 'if anyone considers those vines and wires, etc., more pleasing than redwood groves, or pleasing at all, that person must be the owner, or his mother.'

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