Monday, October 06, 2008


likelihood that i'll ever write a full post about burning man: non-high

instead, i'll just repost a story about one of the best parts of the week, with the accompanying photo, which was taken by michael broxton.

friday evening on playa, a bunch of fP folks were chillin on top of the true prophet art car, strangelove, watching the sunset and trying having confusing lethargic half-conversations in a vague attempt to figure out if strangelove was actually going to de-dock and wander around. after many minutes of this, while the sky played a grand symphony of 360 degrees of technicolor, a true propheteer came up and told us that strangelove was indeed going to head out of camp, but that the primary passengers were going to be a group of officials from the u.s. bureau of land management. we were welcome to stay for the ride, IFF we promised to behave ourselves.

several humans, without further ado, scampered the hell off of the vehicle. the handful of us who remained looked at each other, mildly perplexed. authority figures! in direct proximity to us! and we might not all be, um, completely sober! but...sunset! and art car! and roaming the desert without having to deal with riding a bicycle through that #$%&@ sand! and then, gradually, we realized that ALL of those things, rather than just some of them, were in fact huge chunks of awesome.

so. a half-dozen or so BLM officials--plus, we later discovered, larry and marian--climbed onboard. several of them came up to join us on the top of the car. and we proceeded to give them what we hoped was the best tour of the playa they'll ever get :) we talked about as much cool shit as we could think of--all the parts of burning man art and culture that we're proud of or part of--burning man regionals and san francisco burner culture; yuri's night; false profit and false profit labs; the black rock arts foundation; the significance of the temple in general and basura sagrada in particular... and they talked to us about their histories with the event--two of them had been working in conjunction with bmorg for over twelve years.

we dropped them off at center camp a few hours later, after a long tour of art and a climactic show at the flaming lotus girls mutopia.

best night of the week.

this happened approximately when we were packing up our camp, but if i would've known this adventure was taking place, i would have come along.
you're awesome. that is all.
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