Thursday, April 03, 2008


recycling!: top secret advance newsflash

i just heard that on earth day this year (4/22), san francisco's going to switch to an uber-inclusive plastics recycling program, accepting all 1-6 plastics.


note that this is dramatically different from the current situation. right now, san francisco curbside collection only wants plastic bottles (of any number) and plastic tubs that are numbers 2, 4, or 5. that's IT. no bags, no trays, no anything-else. just bottles and tubs.

further note, more cynically, that just because this plethora of plastic will be collected from residences does not mean that it will actually end up recycled, since the recycling of the plastics is dependent on finicky and fluctuating and non-profitable markets.

but imo--and this is certainly a debatable stance--setting up an *easy-to-use* inclusive curbside system is better than a picky curbside system. (pro: the system catches more of the plastics that can be recycled and recycles them! con: people are led to believe that all plastics get recycled if you put them in a blue bin, which is absolute bullshit.)

this is an unofficial and semi-unconfirmed bit of info. i'll try to find proof by earth day :)

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