Wednesday, April 02, 2008


homelessness in san francisco

for the past couple months--as i've been working through a very long prioritized to-do list that specifically has, in bold and underlined letters, NO BLOGGING stamped in a very visible location--i've been collecting and sitting on blog post predecessors that i wistfully hope will eventually become subjects of multi-paragraph bits of writing in this forum.

but that's totally a pipe dream. so. with that in mind, here's a link to an article that was in the guardian in mid-february. it's an expose on the homeless shelter system in san francisco.

if i could, i would make every resident of the bay area read this piece. i found it very informative and also extremely moving.

when visitors come to san francisco--even (especially) from new york city--the homeless are the first thing they notice in my neighborhood. it shocks and horrifies them. i know that the problem is something i've become numb to, and i'm glad that reports like this are being written. and hats off to the guardian for making homelessness a headline issue in their publication so far in 2008...

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