Tuesday, April 01, 2008


celebrating earth hour: let's drive out so we can see the city!

from an article about how earth hour is a nice idea but in practice probably doesn't save any energy:

There are reports of swarms of people driving their cars (which of course burn fossil fuels) to the city in order to see the spectacle of a lack of light. Ironic (or rather, moronic)? People who light candles during Earth Hour are quite likely just as misguided, judging by this back of the envelope calculation. ...

So if there isn’t any positive environmental impact from Earth Hour what does it achieve? Publicity for the environment? Was a Nobel Prize and and every other news story from the past few years not enough?

the environmental theme for 2008, in case you haven't noticed yet, appears to be:

'wow, this shit is really complicated, isn't it?'

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