Thursday, February 21, 2008



anastazia of bad.unkl.sista is one of the creative directors (or some such fun title) at supperclub, and last week she was in charge of the performance each evening. i was invited to come out and perform as a character during the shows, and was able to participate on wednesday and friday nights.

notes and observations:

-i really need to work on finding my character before i go out to a crowd. spend more time in front of a mirror, watch myself move my limbs and use my facial expressions...
-i have a hard time interacting with crowds unless i have a character.
-i have an easier time interacting with crowds if i'm onstage.
-dancing to cheesy house music is ALWAYS hard...but even more so if you're trying to be an alien bug and stay dignified (and even more more so if you're utterly sober).
-i'm better at fun playful characters than i am at stately dignified characters.
-i miss being orange the way i used to be orange.
sum: that was a great exercise. i found a bunch of things to work on, and hope to try similar performance again soon.

"i miss being orange the way i used to be orange."

Let's see now, you must be a few years younger than I if you can't appreciate cheesy house every once in a while '-)

Anyway... you look fantastic Orangie.
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