Monday, February 04, 2008


flight suits, shopping carts, brooklyn

a friend of mine and his extremely impressive crew of humans recently won Best in Show in the Idiotarod, a totally rad and ridiculous race over in nYc.

(idiotarod...idiotarod... *maybe* the most fun word to pronounce that i've ever dared to pronounce. try it. and while we're talking about the name, can i tell you what this same crew dressed up as for last year's race? rod stewart. a whole team of rod stewarts. puns = awesome; the end.)

super-photog steph goralnick took a typically badass set of photos, and it does an excellent job as a photo essay for the winning team's progress.

if you just passed up on that link, i shall tell you what you missed: Team Danger Zone. five pilots from the top gun program, plus their flight crew. a shopping cart turned fighter jet that spews smoke and has a soundtrack. THREE costume changes, including flight suits, beachware (for the volleyball game, duh), and dress whites for the after party.

morals of this story:

-new york has better races than we do.
-if you have attention to detail with respect to your costume changes, you will be rewarded in kind.
-top gun, and especially the bar scene, continues to be a work of cultural inspiration.
-if you get a chance to trick these humans into letting you work with them on any projects or activities, you should do so. and i'm pretty sure they're okay with bribes.

the danger zone, indeed. the only fun race we have here is Bay to Breakers, which i've never done. perhaps this year we should get off our asses and form a posse? minimum 2 costume changes required.
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