Wednesday, January 02, 2008


old holiday; new title?

i'm a one who celebrates my new year--complete with introspection and resolutions--in september on the playa. ergo, telling my burner friends 'happy new year!' in january totally bugs the crap out of me. seriously, one should only be allowed to wish people a happy new year ONCE PER YEAR. pick whenever you want, but you only get ONE temporal opportunity each YEAR. (it's possible i tend to be kind of a pill at chinese new year celebrations.)

but-- i really enjoy the traditions that are associated with the default world's calendar new year. i enjoy spending an evening with my closest friends, celebrating, expressing affection, and ruminating on personal development. so i want to keep celebrating, but i wish we could call it something else.

so far all i've got is Get Fucked Up With Your Friends and Tell Them You Love Them Day. but that doesn't really flow, and may be slightly offensive. i'll keep working on it.

in the meantime:

-Happy New Year! if you pick this week of the year to accept such wishes.
-i had a totally RAD Get Fucked Up With Your Friends and Tell Them You Love Them eve and day.
-i love my friends, and hope that they all also had totally rad times on december 31st and january 1st :)

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