Tuesday, January 08, 2008


electric apricot

at amy's suggestion, i went to see electric apricot last night. if you've ever been part of the jamband scene or dealt with the hippie music scene in any way, i recommend the film. les claypool et al. did an excellent job of caricaturing all that is delightfully inane about the creation and proliferation of hippie music.

i was expecting the film to be a spoof of phish or the dead and their respective followers, and i was prepared to be amused but not quite get it, since the phish and dead scenes weren't really things i actively participated in more than attending a show or two. instead, the film looked at a small-time norcal jam band composed of earnest middle-aged men--playing the circuits in marin county, going into the studio to make their first album, and aspiring to the opening slot on a crap stage at a major west coast festival. so...having spent a few years on staff at a smallish norcal festival, in a smallish norcal town known for its devotion to local hippie sound, well... yeah, i totally got it ;P

anyone from davis reading this thing? anyone who's been to high sierra music festival? go find the the movie and watch it. HILARIOUS.

(in my reading after viewing, i was particularly tickled to find that the 'band' played real shows, unannounced, around norcal in order to get footage for the film. oh, the inexpressible delight of getting to a show of your fave jam band a bit earlier than you normally would've, and being rewarded by the discovery that les claypool's joke band is the opener...)

pS. props to producer and actor jason mchugh for wearing his 2004 disorient shirt for a good 1/3 of his screentime! and i wish you the best of luck in pulling mr claypool out to the playa one of these years :)

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