Friday, January 04, 2008


...and a pox on the alleged single-axis continuum of political thought!

this link takes you to one of the two most memorable things i learned in college:

the actual graphic that is the point of this text is called 'Ideologies: A Two-Dimensional Framework'. the graphic shows four regions of political thought--liberal, populist, conservative, and libertarian--based on a person's beliefs in the relative importance of freedom, order, and equality.

all the recent discussion about ron paul had kept this framework in the forefront of my brain lately, and i've had a few conversations about it. i find it useful.

feel free to offer critique, but this isn't meant to be a suggestion for a universally applicable model of political thought--just a simple graphic for thinking about libertarianism in relation to 'liberals' and 'conservatives'. also, i think the self-placement exercise in the first link is neat :)

[ed. note: graphic! inserted! and here's a link to a website that talks about the graphic a little without making you take a quiz.]

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