Monday, December 17, 2007


words are still neat.

matt g just sent me a link to some awesome:

i might actually now lurve scrabble*.

* i hate scrabble. it is a stoopid game that has nothing to do with vocabulary. if i'm going to play a word game, i want it to be all about having and/or learning awesome words, not about memorizing 2-letter combinations of letters that technically have definitions in merriam-webster and trying to use the letter 'q' as often as possible. BAH.

ha. that's awesome.

I also hate scrabble, for exactly the reasons you mention, but have recently developed a love affair with scrabbulous on facebook. Since the Scrabbulous interface includes a list of all two letter words, and the internet context removes the time-anxiety aspect, it makes it much more pleasant.

I still always get my ass kicked, though.
mmm, scrabble. it's a puzzle game where the pieces are letters! def not about the vocab for me. i guess you could add points if you can define the word or something?

it's why i log onto facebook :)
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