Thursday, December 20, 2007


notes from standing on line at safeway

if you haven't been to safeway since the plastic bag ban went into effect in san francisco...

-safeway clerks now ask if you want a bag (untested for amounts of groceries over 15 items).
-safeway has changed their paper bag construction to include handles (!!!).
-safeway clerks now seem trained to notice, take, and USE your cloth bag, if you have one.
-the system WORKS. the people in front of me had a bottle of honey and 3 limes. normally, the clerk would just put that stuff in a plastic bag, *maybe* not double-bag it, and hand it off. instead, he asked if they wanted a bag, the guy hemmed for a second...and then.said.NO!

*le sigh*

side note: the decision to go to safeway to purchase foods for a food drive has slightly confused the (food)worldview i've had since 1999. did you know that $19 buys a TON of food in a conventional grocery store?!? i KNOW--CRAzy!

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