Friday, December 21, 2007


the case for kucinich

the sf bay guardian has an opinion piece about dennis kucinich this week. it has a couple really nice bits that i'd like to share.

i don't really feel called to speak up for this man most of the time--it ends up being frustrating to the point of angry tears. everyone knows he's great; no one thinks that's a good enough reason to vote for him. but yes, he's my candidate; and i'm going to re-register outside the green party for the first time ever so that i can vote for him in the primary.

Well-Put Thought the first:

Now let's be honest here and admit that those of us who get worked up about peace and justice issues are prone to complain a lot. We are ever bemoaning the influence of money in politics and the poor job the news media do in covering the real issues. But when we get to the point where a candidate is raising the important issues and we know we agree with him and we still won't vote for him, then the next time we start complaining, it may just be time to look in the mirror.

Well-Put Thought the second:

But if antiwar voters won't vote for antiwar candidates, you have to ask why those candidates should go to the trouble of running and why the big-money candidates should pay any attention to the supposed antiwar vote. [emphasis added]

the full article.

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