Wednesday, November 21, 2007


a wee tiny bit of (self-righteous, unfortunately) indignation

i've been meaning to write up a post to summarize a sprawling debate about whole foods that i've been listening to and participating in, but in the meantime, a concrete example of the Bad that has resulted from the new store in potrero hill:

saturday mid-day. really nice out. sunny and warm. i'm walking home from rainbow grocery, with a bag in each hand. it's about 4.5 blocks from my house to the store. and i'm still a block from my house when i walk by a woman getting out of her car, removing two bags of groceries with 'whole foods' emblazoned on the sides, and walking up her front steps.

bah and boo. man, do i love me some rainbow. i fervently hope that this stupid turn of events doesn't affect them too much.

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