Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Triumvirate of Awesome

there are three things hovering around the edges of possibility in my life right now, each of which would cause significant change and each of which i think would be very positive. i have no interest in posting any details about these things, but i wanted to create a record of the presence of these weighty maybes. in practical terms, i readily admit that none of them are terribly likely to occur. but i'm feeling quite exhilerated at the thought of how much change could leap out at me within the next few weeks, if all my various stars align just so... it's a good feeling, even if there's a lot of anxiety tied into the uncertainty and anticipation. there's nothing i can do about any of them except Wait and See...so here's hoping.

(and the hoping, if nothing else happens, is undoubtedly a tonic in and of itself.)

crossing my fingers for you. (as long as none of these things mean you are moving)
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