Friday, November 16, 2007


pleasant self-congratulatory notes on california's greening

moderately interesting post in Green Wombat today. apparently, california is innovative when it comes to environmental efforts! who knew?!

a couple neat bits from the post and the full report:

"If California’s annual statewide electricity bill was the same fraction of GDP as Texas... Californians would be paying almost $25 billion more for electricity."

"California utility efficiency programs....reduced the need for 24 power plants between 1975 and 2003... The California Energy Commission estimates that building and appliance standards alone have saved residents and businesses $56 billion through 2003 and are projected to save another $23 billion by 2013."

"More Californians recycle than vote" (More than 50 percent of Californians recycle.)

"Per capita CO2 emissions in Texas are double those of California. Per capita emissions levels in California today are slightly lower than they were 15 years ago."

California has about 90 percent of the market for energy-efficient dishwasher and about 50 percent of the market for energy-efficient refrigerators and washing machines.

blah blah blah we're awesome... whatever. i don't think the current state of affairs in california is particularly advanced or cutting edge or forward-thinking, in comparison to what we're capable of. it's *maybe* a decent start...maybe.

"more californians recycle than vote"

that is alternately exciting and depressing on several levels...
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