Tuesday, October 30, 2007


real-life superheroes

i've been watching heroes and the x-men movies in the last couple weeks, so this seems even more awesome to me than it would've already: people who take on superhero names and roles in their communities.

a few of the (and my) heroes...

She calls herself Street Hero, says she is a former prostitute, knows martial arts and takes to the city’s underbelly to protect women who work the streets. Her uniform includes a black eye mask, a black bustier and black knee-high boots.
The Super is a superintendent of a building in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, who fixes faucets and does electrical work for people in need. Yesterday, he wore a red cape, a yellow shirt, green suspenders and green tights under black soccer shorts.
A Brooklyn man who calls himself Direction Man prefers helping lost tourists and locals. He wears a bright orange vest, a pair of thick black goggles and has numerous maps spilling from his pockets.

they have an online lair, if you're interested in learning more.

(hT to magellan)

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