Friday, October 19, 2007



a friend from disorient pointed this out.

We now own 640 private acres surrounded on four sides by BLM public lands. It is located in Lassen County and is 3 miles off of US 395 and just 75 miles across Smoke Creek valley from Gerlach. It is called Sage Hen Pass. There is water on the property and all around it. S I expect we will have water also. It is elevated and secluded from the highway and is ideal for us, the burning man community. There is even an additional nearby section of property nearby that would allow us to grow if we decide to acquire it as well.


The City is to be broken up into eight separate entities or Tribes if you will, probably incorporated in Nevada where anonymity is all but guarantied by the state laws governing gambling. The Tribes will each own 80 acres in California and will operate some form of outdoor retreat, a campground or religious retreat or environmental retreat. Each of these Tribes will control their own membership that can be kept private. The Camps will provide the first level of control for the membership because every member must belong to a Camp. The eight Tribes will each control 80 Camps. The Tribes will be the second level of membership enforcement. This place will have thousands of members and because the expenses of the City are to be shared equally by each member, each level of control should want compliance with membership requirements. If we share cost among thousands of members major projects are possible. We want to build a City. We will end up with a city, why not plan for it. I congratulate you and welcome you wholeheartedly into the City because if you are digging this you are the kind of person we want.

pipe dream? probably. but i'll keep an eye on it. because, well, it would be marvelous, wouldn't it?

update: 'pipe dream' would be putting it mildly, apparently.

this, however, looks purrhaps slightly more realizable:

more of a burner resort island :)
of course i feel very cynical about these efforts. but i hate that that's true. i'd love to see these projects succeed. and i'm sure they could, if only...

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