Friday, October 26, 2007


i actually kinda want to vote for ALL of them...

today at 5pm in the castro, mayoral candidates are gathering for a debate. they are choosing to meet in the castro for this particular debate because they are going to discuss issues relevant to the fact that the castro will be closed to partiers this halloween. i'm very enthusiastic about the fact that the candidates are addressing festival/celebration as an issue in san francisco.

the forum will focus, not only on Halloween in the Castro, but on how the city should work to facilitate community events as a whole.

all in all, i'm really pleased about how much the mayoral candidates are managing to raise issues (poverty! art! crime! partying! privatization!) and get people thinking and talking about this election. either despite the hopelessness of their chances at winning, or perhaps *because* of that hopelessness, this group of would-be politicians are managing to engage voters, publicize issues that need attention, and even force newsom into a greater degree of accountability. imo they deserve some serious hat tips for putting their time and $$$ into this campaign with no hope of success AT ALL. (not to say that they don't get something out of it, but i still think it's pretty altruistically awesome.)

proud sanfranciscan, etc., etc.

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