Thursday, October 25, 2007


elementary enviro ed

article in the nytimes today about environmental education movements in school systems.

this is something that i've been extremely interested in since high school. i did a couple of projects related to the subject during my undergrad coursework, and it's my top choice of what i would research for my grad work, in a perfect world. specifically, i'm interested in science-based and/or system-focused environmental education--enviro ed without indoctrination or bias. change behavior; teach scientific principles; don't use scare tactics; don't exaggerate--give kids the tools and knowledge to make their own decisions.

the article itself is a bit too balanced for my taste, but it's a good note to self that a) this movement is starting and b) there's a lot of room for improvement.

one good quote, that's applicable to enviro stuff everywhere:

“It’s like if you go to McDonald’s and order a hamburger and then recycle the packaging, that’s the most trivial thing you can do,” he said. “Because most of the environmental impact is in the meat production.”

thank god someone, somewhere, has moved past teaching kids to recycle.

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