Monday, March 12, 2007



i was told the other day that an acquaintence of mine is going to be on a 'pirate REALITY show'.

the way i figure it, there are two options:

a) they are making a REALITY show about REAL pirates, in which participants carry and use dangerous weaponry against innocent people, board vessels to steal cargo, and otherwise participate in highly illegal activities.

b) they are making a REALITY show about an old and now non-existent class of sea-faring people whose alleged activities have been romanticized and mythologized to an extent that there is likely very little factual basis for any currently told stories, making this REALITY show a show about something FAKE.

for the sake of semantic accuracy i am, of course, rooting for option a).

what do you mean non-existant?

piracy is still a big problem in SE Asia and off the coasts of Africa.
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