Thursday, January 11, 2007


ruminations on the sF underground eDm scene

syd gris recently posted a spiel that presents observations and predictions regarding the electronic dance music scene in sF (

his view primarily encompasses realms of the scene that most of my friends and i don't inhabit too often these days, but we still go to get freaky and we still go to mighty, and i personally still like to go to opel parties once in a while. also, i think a lot of his observations are applicable to all parts of the scene, and at any rate they affect friends of ours around the city.

syd's gotten a lot of shit for some of the stuff he wrote, but imo he was spot-on with a lot of his assessments. a lot of the crews he mentions are a bit outside my sphere, but for the realms that i play in i generally agree with his thoughts.

i think it's important to do assessments like this every so often--both as someone who wants to be a member of a community i can be proud of, and as someone who wants to throw innovative events. in order to stay dynamic and awesome, we need to have foresight and notice change.

and the general observations are intended to be taken by an audience as just that--general. trends and scene-wide movements don't preclude good parties and hard work.

anyways. i find this sort of thing massively intriguing. comments encouraged.

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