Wednesday, January 17, 2007


burning man oO7

i think it's going to be a good year on playa. everyone's thrilled about the theme, my friends have been talking about art projects for a couple of weeks, and everyone i know seems to be buying tickets even if they're not sure they're going to go this year.

vera posted a beautiful story today about why burning man is so special.

I was walking on 24th Street the other day. I was wearing yellow sun glasses, green gloves, a candy-striped scarf and a poofy green prom dress. A woman was walking in front of me, carrying a little girl. The girl was looking at me, and she kept looking. Not taking her eyes off me, she turned towards her mom's face and said "Turn around.." She wanted her mom to look at me.The mom turned around and then immediately whisked the girl away to look at a display in a window. ...

At Burning Man, the woman would have looked at me. She would have listened to her child, and she would have turned around and looked at me. She might even have said something like "Yeah, she is wearing a poofy green dress! Look at that!" She would have been open, and she would have taught her child that it's okay to be open.

that's pretty much it in a nutshell.

[note: stated publicly, to improve accountability, my simplest resolution for the year is as follows: i vow to actually get my version of 'the grinch who stole chrismas' out to the playa this time.]

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