Friday, October 13, 2006


i love my friends! i love my life!

bex has been doing this wonderful thing where she captures amazing moments that we hadn't even noticed were amazing. looking at her pictures is making me as happy as anything else in life right now. the shots from last night--just another thursday at the soap factory--were particularly coo-inducing. unfortunately, they're part of a huge album she's been adding to (although the whole album is fantastic), but if you click on this picture, this'll take you to the middle of last night in her photostream.

thank you bex.

aren't the little things in life just so lovely! indeed, i wasn't even at dinner last night and was induced to coos. favorited a couple, even!
i was particularly pleased that she managed to capture so many of the elusive-camera-evader known as brendan.

i really need to start using the 'favorites' function in flickr. i also really need to learn how to use my camera.
very cool stuff.

y'know, O, you can set up flickr so that you can email pictures to your account, and they automatically get posted to your blog.
great. now i will have FOMO about every thursday dinner that i miss from now on. dammit.
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