Thursday, September 28, 2006


the rest of the dancers

these words are from blacklight, an inspiration in most categories and a wonderful friend:

...the most interesting thing to me was that they caught me, and my kindred. This got me to thinkin about the phenomenah of dancefloor kindred. The way I've experienced it is they are the ones, correction, WE are the ones, who in ANY large group where there's a buncha people and dancing, especially with electronic music, [although it happens no matter what the music is], who recognize eachother no matter where we are on the dancefloor as those mufuckas. the ones who are like a pulse for the floor. the ones who are driven beyond the love of dance to a place that looks a lot like NEED. we fucking HAVE to move. we HAVE to shake down and give homage to the gods of Rhythm and Bass and Tone and Note. like, there is no choice. I don't even remember their names, my kindred from Boom, but I will forever remember their faces, their energies, their beauty and acceptance and generosity. ... that morning, I had stumbled out of my tent down onto the dancefloor, not even really in the mood to dance, and then the two of them, who up until then I had only had the mutual recognition with ..[YOU your'e one of them, yep, you are too.. all this through our movements and eyes, no words..], greeted me with a raucous cheering and exhorted me to immediately lose my mind.. which I did poste haste, and the three of us just fuckin raged it for the next however long... just feelin it HARD the entire time. this is...a HUGE shout out to all of those dancefloor kindred all over the globe, all over the galaxy. .who will forever be the instigators of inspiration to me, to you, to all their movements and energy touches. Aaaannd, last but not least, this is a shout out to all you who spark us whether you know it or not.. by watching us. by encouraging us, by cheering us on, by complimenting us before, after and during, by filming us and taping us and shooting us and posting us.. I thank the ones of you who are genuinely moved and inspired by us. Know that it is indeed a completed cypher, and though we absolutely HAVE to move.. we have to, it makes it an infinitely more enjoyable experience when we get to inspire you who inspire us who inspire you..

the boy speaks full truth. there are so many moments i have in my head...full communication with no words and full communion without even touching. i've made close friends who speak pigeon english, and smiled and waved and run to embrace people i've never met. these ones, the rest of the dancers, they are full family. always.

that was beautiful. i might even repost myself, even though i think i've only met blacklight maybe once?

where i grew up, no one danced like we danced. NO ONE. i was the only one, for hundreds of miles, i fucking swear. it was not until i was almost 21 did i find the Rest of the Dancers near where i lived, but they were few and far between, and even then it was to fairly bad music. i love. LOVE. that there are so many here. it is one of the reasons i can't imagine ever leaving SF. at least, not as long as i can dance.
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