Monday, September 18, 2006


one year ago *this* weekend

was the *second* rodman sunrise at toxic beach.
and this time, we were smart enough to have some historians.


i'll just repost what i said in response to amy's notification on the date...

a million years ago and just yesterday... thanks for reminding. my body just sighed with slumped shoulders, which makes me think of all the change we move through in this town even as we seem to just keep on playing... that dj--the one who stole our collective heart--is mia. the location is no longer useable without stress. the crews and groups have shifted... that morning could and would never happen again.
after load-out was complete that morning, i went with alxndr, stephania, and tyler to breakfast, and then we drove over the golden gate to a hidden treasure alex knew about. after an hour or so of transcendent bliss, we drove down to a beach and watched san francisco through a fog-free set of afternoon minutes... we are the lucky ones...

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