Friday, September 22, 2006


if applied properly, success guaranteed.

i was at beatchurch last night with bex, b2, reagan, benchun, and nevada. we got there early and things were sloooow to get started. i doubt the evening ever got very crowded, but the beginning was particularly dead. neptune was playing some kind of blah mellow something-or-other, and the sound was a little too loud in the front room, so we went into the back room and sat around talking. 20 minutes later... i'm sitting talking to ben and b2; the other girls are standing behind us talking. suddenly, neptune kicks into a random unidentified new track. b2, ben, and i--still sitting down and talking--all start dancing at the same time. behind the boys i see bex and nevada do the same thing.

'twas truly magical.

this, i'm sure, says something very important and profound about the effect of bass on my friends. i'm wondering if this same thing would have happened with every other human everywhere? or is it just a specific subset of the population? could we do a test to find like-minded dancers in which we put a group of people together and the ones that start twitching when the bass hits get culled off and given tribe profiles?

i'm also curious if this can be used as proof that different genres do different things to different people.

oh, and if it can be used as proof that i have rad friends.

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