Friday, September 22, 2006


dayquil: love and hate

dayquil is GREAT, right? it makes your head work. it makes you functional. it makes it possible for you to get through a day of coldishness without collapsing. it's also very fun to be on with caffeine and alcohol when you're dancing.

BUT-T-T-T-- so this week i've had a series of really intense nights full of AWFUL dreams. long, vivid, disturbing, emotional dreams. i'm not getting very good sleep, and i'm remembering tons of each dream when i wake up. aside from the actual unpleasant feelings at the time of dreaming, this is resulting in additional problems as i try to go through my days with images from the dreams in my head. i've been depressed, emotional, and insecure all week. it's been bothering me and compounding as i've tried to figure out why... so i'm terribly relieved to have noticed this correlation.

dayquil. wow. bad.

dayquil actually really creeps me out. I've found that on the second day of taking it (always the second time), about 90 minutes after I take it I get a ferocious migraine. Silent light-filled explosions of pain. If I take it once, nothing.

I like my psychotropics recreational, thanks. I'll stick to echinacea.
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