Thursday, August 24, 2006


the thursday prior

but actually, right now i'm more excited about the time between getting out of work today and leaving tomorrow night than i am about the actual on-playa time. i LOVE getting ready for this event, and i haven't had the time to be leisurely and enjoy myself. rush rush rush rush rush... tonight i'm going to try to finish packing, try to do some sewing, and otherwise tie whatever loose ends i can. tomorrow dana divine is going to do my hair, hopefully with tiggrr and sefirah in attendance for a full day of excellent girltime. sefirah and i are hoping to leave for a slightly-post-midnight arrival time... we'll see how that works out ;P

things... things is good.

hey, yknow, we were gonna leave for a midnight arrival too, but it's gonna be so pitch black out there... we're gonna leave between midnight and 2 hopefully, for a sunrise arrival. sunrise on this first saturday is one of my fave times all week :D
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