Tuesday, August 08, 2006


new york, new york... part iii

subject: i *heart* disorient [reposted from the puddle]

i had--as always--a fantastic time playing with everyone in disorient. loved the club, the decor, the chill room... (ah, the chill room. i have never before, i think, properly experienced or appreciated a chill room. but now i have experienced. and now i appreciate. coo. coo coo.)

my thanks are directed in particular to big dawg, lobster rocket, and el nino for hosting, catering to various whims, and otherwise generally being excellent humans. i've said it before and i'll say it again--every time i wander out across the country i think i'm going to be spending time with just a few folks i know... forgetting that i ALWAYS see TONS of WONDERFUL people and end up creating new and amazing friendships all over the place.

all of disorient pretty much kicks ass.
and actually *every* burner i've ever met in nYc... yup.
hoopers, freeks, disorientals... everyone is quite beyond rad.
just fyi.

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