Tuesday, August 08, 2006


new york, new york... part ii

subject: strengthening inter-subcultural relations [reposting from prowlypants tribe]

you know how i always say that new yorkers are really...you know...friendly?

yeah...so they just continued to be their normal friendly selves. nothing too scandalous, actually. (and nothing overwhelmingly hot, unfortunately.) mostly i just had my personal best for a night of really working to properly utilize a new york party puddle.

[time-out] it occurs to me that not everyone here may know or understand the definition of 'puddle'. a puddle is a situation, location, or action in which 2-3 or more persons actively cuddle, snuggle, and otherwise cozify themselves and their fellow puddlers. puddles do not necessarily involve any interpersonal interactions more involved than lying around with heads on other puddlers' shoulders. kisses are occasionally seen, but rarely--if ever--would a puddle actually include any overtly sexual acts. when timed properly, however, puddles may occasionally lead directly to changes in individuals' departure and sleeping logistics. [/time-out]

aside from excellent progress in my puddling skillz, though, i think that my re-embracing of my prowlypants self is more specifically stemming from my success in goal accomplishment. i mean seriously--what's more satisfying than checking a box on a to-do list? especially when that box has a person's name next to it?

so...burning man's in how many days???
game on.

huzzah!! can't wait to hear about this!
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