Tuesday, August 08, 2006


new york, new york... part i

[regarding my most recent excursion to the other coast, i shall repost snippets of things, as i see fit.]

subject: club location [reposting from disorient tribe]

i was fortunate to be invited by el nino and lobster rocket to attend a pre-party at lobster rocket's house, a mere 4 blocks away from the venue for compressor, the evening's party. as we all know, an invitation for pre-partying can be easily parlayed into an offer of floor or bedspace later in the evening, if properly worked by the guest. and i worked it. so i therefore had a night that was even *more* marvelous than it would have been otherwise--and it still would have been marvelous otherwise. the benefits of having your basecamp 4 blocks from the speakers are tremendous. (as k8 pointed out, that IS the point of burning man...)

so. given that new york is ridiculously, laughably huge. and given that the people who live there insist on treating it like it's ONE city, rather than 12. and given that i know approximately 50 people who live there...

my new gameplan--to be applied to all new york party excursions--is to research within my network to find the person(s) who live closest to the chosen venue, then work through the appropriate social channels to befriend, bribe, or otherwise befuddle them ahead of time, in order to ensure excellent club-to-bed travel time ratios.

if applied correctly by all parties, this gameplan should guarantee a net benefit of more convenience, more puddling, and more time spent in beds (rather than in subways) to all participants at new york parties.


i don't know how the people in that bigass mega-metropolis could do anything else and still get their proper bass fixes. i *heart* my smalltown city.

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