Sunday, July 09, 2006


weekend update

friday night kickin it with matt and gamma gamma kate and mark from across the street... went by miranda's then stopped in at hush hush to see melvin and d... walked to mighty and got there later than i'd hoped but at just a perfect time... had my typical always-unexpected and always-delightful great time at mighty, with help from stephanie, alison, b2, mauro... walked back home with brendan and had late-night qT in my home for the first time in a while, with him and matt and justin... saturday night yum-tastic party thrown in a field by a superfund site... worked the door most of the night... danced to boreta, smoove, mr projectile with solid family on the floor... music was turned off a little early, but the consolation prize of sunrise on the bay was practically perfect in every way... sunday dragged myself to dolores park by 11.30 and helped jens peter with the cup viewing... after duties were done i got some time actually watching the game with sam, stephanie, b2, and sam's brother jeff, who i finally got to meet... after some dancetime i headed to christabel's bridal shower with amy and had a very nice time with some interesting women... took myself to dinner and had a walk on the phone with my mom... now bed.

and the fact that i just sighed contentedly out loud shall be the official seal of approval. every weekend like this makes my future brighter; the memories i get to keep from these years are better than most people's dreams.

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