Monday, July 31, 2006


part ii of how many people in the world would actually think this is music?!

benchun played a KICKASS hip-hop/glitch-hop set yesterday at the space cowboys pool party. SERIOUSLY. amazing set. with a bunch of dabrye mashed-up with old hip-hop. ooooooh BOY was it awesome.

and as ben was playing with rodman's rendition of 'california love', b2 came over and surmised that probably about half the crowd was currently assuming that ben and/or the sound guy were having technical difficulties. b2 was undoubtedly correct.

i treasure my moment of realization about the extent to which i listen to some crazy sounds. was in stephen's car with him and mary and devon, listening to edit turned up real loud, totally rocking out...and then got a good headful of thoughts about how few people in the world would recognize edit's music as beautiful, danceable, and otherwise incredible.

double-yay for glitch!

"And those other guys who do all the little flick-flick, crabby moves on records that are covered with spots of adhesive tape that are supposed to mean something? Those aren't DJs! I don't know what to call them. Nerds, maybe? They called themselves "turntablists" five years ago, but I think that got embarrassing. One thing is for sure, though: Those guys don't DJ on the actual paying gig circuit that I'm on, because no hammered jock chicks or guidos from West Orange, N.J., will dance to an hour-long abstract scratch frenzy over a P-Funk B-side."
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