Monday, July 31, 2006


how many people in the world would actually think this is music?!

i had a new musical listening experience last week. i went to robotspeak in the haight to see slidecamp (boreta and ryan's live electronic collaboration). the gig was actually a triad of sets by different acts, with q&a sessions in between sets. the basement-level store was filled with a bunch of dozens of people sitting on the floor. everyone continued to sit on the floor--just listening--for the duration of the music and such. no dancing; no talking. just music appreciation. uber-geek. when i first walked in and saw the set up, i felt pretty awkward, because while i really love slidecamp's music, i do of course listen to the stuff primarily so that i can dance to it. but--i ended up totally enjoying the set and not really needing to do much in the way of movement. and i'm taking this as a sign that i've found a genre i really love, because i wouldn't have had the patience to sit still and listen--and remain entirely engaged--for much else in the way of sound.

yay for glitch!

thanks for listening!
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