Thursday, July 20, 2006


cabaret casting

NATALIE PORTMAN as SALLY BOWLES?!? i think NOT. all sorts of wrong.

eddie izzard, although i know next to nothing about him--apparently he's funny and cross-dresses--is a much more interesting choice. kind of against the whole vulnerable insecure hyper-feminine thing that sally demonstrates, but not out of theme with the play's general gist. and i *heart* plays with cross-gender casting.

whatever, though, i suppose--it's a london stage version. i'll deal.

(i will say that if portman can actually pull that role off with critical acclaim, i will be forced to retract all sorts of apathetic and/or downright negative thoughts about the woman's acting, and will in all likelihood use the phrase 'grudging admiration' to describe portions of my feelings towards her abilities.)

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