Monday, July 24, 2006


and it was.

an outsider reading my friends' online effusive gushiness about how fantabulous our playtime is would probably assume that we are all prone to exaggeration and gooey over-the-top emotional nonsense, and then very quickly start to discount our protestations that we are constantly visiting excellent parties and experiencing exquisite moments.

the outsider would actually be incorrect.
we really are having this much fun, and we really are this lucky.

this last weekend was one of my favorites so far. and i mean ever. aside from the excellent music; the beautiful location; the amazingly friendly and caring group of people; and of course the meaningful drug experiences, this weekend also presented me with a chance to work to produce an event again. i haven't done a *ton* of event planning and production, but i've planned and worked enough festivals and put together enough camps to know that i was working with an uncommonly intelligent, steady crew with strong intention, excellent communication, and a high level of respect for the event and for the people around them.

thank you stephen, mary, brendan, brendan, tamara, loren, alex, dina, anselm, brett, chloe, marc, amanda, jd, zachary, nevada, ben, amy, jay, stephanie, wanda, toast, aaron, kelly, bex, dre, piotr, sam, watson, jason... for working and playing and dancing and talking and wandering and caretaking and sleeping and splashing and crafting and djing and smiling... and for being present and determined to help your friends create the best event they could.

when are we all going to stop smiling?

and thank YOU for your fantabulous efforts to decorate, in colors other than orange, even.

it was.
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