Wednesday, July 05, 2006


adherence to spirit of national holiday

driving home from my parents' house in santa rosa last night, i was given a nice drive with warm breezes, no traffic, and showers of exploding sparkles all over the sky as i drove down hills and over bridges... the best moments were as i came down into petaluma, with a full display of fireworks in front of me and david byrne's 'miss america' serendipitously swelling through the speakers in my car...


lots of moments reminiscing during the drive... i haven't had much in the way of tradition for this holiday in quite a while. remembering watching the santa rosa fairgrounds fireworks at my friend dan's with high school friends... standing in the pouring east coast summer rain by the washington monument with lisamac... wandering through davis with angelina and leif celebrating the last night when davisites could drink in public... and fantastic warm nights as a kid at my grandpa's house, with my cousins and my sister and i choosing the next firework for my uncles and dad to light under the oak tree in the backyard, and my little brother and the kids next door sitting in the kitchen window looking very nervous...

and this year, what with the previously mentioned crescendo of david byrne and the sporadic bursts of color, is up there at the top, for sure. the nice moments with amy, jay, jason, b2, and others when i got back to the bay brought just enough smiles and hugs into the night to make the hour of holiday solitude completely perfect.

yay! thx for coming over ~ your presence is always welcomed.
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