Friday, June 09, 2006


rapture ready (or eschatology, 'a big word to impress your friends')

got linked to this meticulously calculated rapture index this morning. it is rather a fascinating subject, don't you think? eschatology is the study of things that relate to the end times. i do think it would be interesting to study things that relate to the end times. and it would, of course, be interesting to witness this event. i mean, i wouldn't be stoked at the knowledge that i only had 7 years left to live, or what have you (21 years? i forget), but if you're wanting a chance to live through history, man, that'd be it.

i think i mentioned below that i purchased the first of the 'left behind' books, yes? so i read it. i wasn't overly taken with the writing style, for sure (although it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be), but it was interesting to read an interpretation of apocalypse as it would actually play out in modern society. i'm totally interested in reading more of the series, but it wasn't THAT readable and it's reeeeally long.

by way of an explanation and excuse--you do realize that these books are kept in the science fiction/fantasy section of your local bookstore, right? so maybe that's the root of my fascination--if any science fiction scenario is going to play out, wouldn't you bet on a prophesied one?

While Googling you should type in "Open Letter to Todd Strandberg." (His "pretrib rapture indicators," BTW, can just as easily occur AFTER his place for a rapture, thus self-destructing his insistent "pretrib" position! IOW, his indicators can just as easily occur during what he sees as a future tribulation, so he really doesn't have proof there will ever be a "pretrib" rapture!) To read about the rapture's short history, type in "Pretrib Rapture Diehards" and don't miss "Thomas Ice (Bloopers) (the great "researcher" that LaHaye and Falwell lean on!).
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