Wednesday, June 07, 2006


K O D O M A fashion show

last thursday i modelled clothes in the kodoma show at madrone. there were five designers--

bad unkl sista,
miranda caroligne,
miss velvet cream,
sandy reyes, and

make-up by guille and hair by brian, with assistance from anna.

i had a fantastic time getting all done up and dancing about with the other models (lady.leblanc, tamara ja, dre, ms. fine, and sequoia emmanuelle), uv corz. absolutely fabulous.

i'm not sure if there was a court-ordered photographer, but there were so many cameras out that i hope we manage to wrangle up a bunch of sets. and here's the first:

thanks jay!

i had a hard time figuring out which one i was in most of the pictures i was in, so i don't really expect you to know either, but at any rate the pictures give a sense of the make-up and outfits.

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