Thursday, June 08, 2006


fugged up

so amy totally destroyed me when she referenced go fug yourself a few weeks ago. i have a hard time admitting this, but omg i just CAN'T STOP CHECKING THAT SITE. to the point that i go browse the archives, even. yeah. i know. i mean, i don't even know who the women ARE that they make fun of, most of the time. (or at least i didn't used to...shit shit shit.)

anyways, i kind of assumed that maybe they wouldn't be totally all overwhelmed with joy at the site of my outfits all the time, but i was mostly just basing that off of the fact that i totally like a couple of the outfits that they can't stand. i didn't really have proof that they would hate me...

until now.

monochromatic sparkly over-accessorized layer girl?
i have no idea what you're talking about.

but orange, it says, right there at the end:
"If you're going for too much, go for TOO MUCH."

and you ALWAYS go for too much, so i think that puts you back on the positive end of the scale.
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