Tuesday, May 09, 2006


~wHoLE eARtH fEsTiVaL~

so back in the day, when i was living in the central valley and pretending that life there was fully engaging, the one major redeeming factor in my world (besides really good thai food) was my position on the staff of the whole earth festival, a lovely, sustainability-focused festival on the uc davis campus.

the whole earth festival takes place on mother's day weekend each year which, as you may deduce before i reach the end of this sentence, is this coming weekend (may 12, 13, and 14).

this *FREE* three-day festival offers crafts, workshops, education, live music, djs, drums, huge compost piles, art, cobb benches... the usual norcal hippie-fest fare.

what makes it DIFFerent from other festivals in the area is its strong adherence to some pretty rigorous principles, guidelines, and ethics. the staff of unpaid students and townies runs all their meetings on consensus; all staff and most volunteers are trained in non-violence; very small police presence; focus on bioregionalism, sustainability, veggie/veganism, community, etc.; 95% waste diversion, re-usable utensils and dishes ONLY, solar-powered stages; strict rules on vending for both crafts and food (no plastics, no imports, no meat)...

less crystals; more cobb benches.

the music and dj line-ups are pretty local, since funding is limited. but it's still good stuff. everyone orchestra is one of the headliners for the bands; we don't have any big names for djs this year. the line-up's posted at
http://wef.ucdavis.edu/WEF2006_schedule_cms.pdf. music only goes til 10pm both friday and saturday nights.

righty-o, then. it's short-ish notice, but if you've got a free saturday or you don't hang out with your mom on mother's day anyways, may i suggest a field trip to davis? i'm going to be there all weekend, starting friday afternoon, primarily hanging out in a corner of the quad at toyspace, which i'm in charge of. (housemate dan is coming with--yays!!)

purrrs and glitter and such, and i hope to see some of you there!

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