Friday, May 26, 2006


on why i won't stop liking country music

i don't have time to do the full spiel right now, but check out this quote from this week's time, from an article on the dixie chicks. feel free to extrapolate into subject areas regarding snobbish attitudes regarding and predetermined dislike of country music.

as a long-time and determined admirer of willie nelson, emmylou harris, and a whole slew of other country and western-type musicians, i'm strongly in favor of reevaluation of liberal bias against country music, and am fully prepared to start crusading to salvage all that is good, decent, and rad about the genre(s).

[The Dixie Chicks' new album] Taking the Long Way's existence is designed to thumb its nose at country's intolerance for ideological hell raising, and buying it or cursing it reveals something about you and your politics--or at least your ability to put a grudge above your listening pleasure.

not terribly complicated, really. i just hadn't thought of it this simply before, and i haven't heard anyone bring it up. people just say 'i hate country', with no qualifiers. i mean, it can be really formulaic and all, musically, but i'm guessing that's not the point. the politics seem more like the point. was this obvious to everyone else?

i don't hate all country. i hate NEW mainstream country. i really like old country&western (and old bluegrass), and so am with you on the willie nelson and old dolly parton (even her newest album is good) and waylon jennings and all. but the new stuff i hear on the radio whenever i'm driving through the CV is horrid, and i really hate the "new" bluegrass/rock/jamband style too (which i saw someone refer to as "spacegrass" once and i think that is AWESOME). like any other genre, i always assume that whatever's on the radio/on sale at Target sucks, but whatever is honest and homegrown is probably pretty good. i don't care about their personal politics much, unless their songs outwardly express values i consider undigestable.
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