Wednesday, May 24, 2006


ender's game, part ii

i've now read 'ender's game', 'ender's shadow', and 'shadow of the hegemon'. all three were fantastic, though i think i like 'ender's shadow' best. i'm looking forward to reading the three remaining novels (although since i'm guessing they'll probably be more like 'shadow of the hegemon' than the other two, i'm less overwhelmingly excited than i was a couple days ago).

i think that one reason i got so engrossed in the series is the constant focus on--and acknowledgement of the importance of--logical analysis as a means of deducing and predicting the actions and emotions of individuals and peoples. (reminded me some of 'foundation', which also totally fascinated and captivated me.) the characters in the books have constant awareness of group dynamics, motives, and strategy, including social strategy. and i've got mad issues in that department. possibly mad skillz as well, depending on how you think of these things... but skilled or not, i have a tendency to observe and analyze this sort of thing. so it's wonderful to read from the viewpoints of characters who do the same thing, but to the nth degree.

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