Wednesday, May 31, 2006


again with the central valley

this last weekend, as hippie-ravers rawked it in various parks all over the bay area, i dragged myself down hwy 80 for the third weekend in a row.

during my last year in davis i spent much of my social time with three girls from work and their assorted significant others. it was one of the best periods of friendship i've experienced. i eventually removed from the sacramento valley, however, and shortly thereafter vanessa moved to el lay and kim and joe moved to portland. sara and jeff stayed in sacto, holding down the fort.

so this weekend sara and jeff held a house-warming party for their home in west sacramento. kim and joe caught a plane down south, and i drove out. (no vanessa, alas, alas...) i picked up kim and joe in davis, and we got to sara and jeff's early to help with party prep and to spend some hours catching up before the other guests arrived.

not much else interesting to say, really... but it was a really nice day. the party involved a few hours of inane chatter with people i used to work with and don't know anymore, but it was less horrendous than i was expecting. the backyard-bbq-babied-bedroom-set mentality of the crowd was a bit much, but it was SO foreign and surreal that i was able to take it in with humor and a dazed smile rather than freaking out. i don't mean to be too hardened--i'm still distressed about the loss of life and the sucked souls and such--but i had not a single moment of any self-reflective negative thought. and i was able to sit through the debates regarding the relative merits of home depot versus lowe's when shopping for that perfect ceiling fan without screaming.

on sunday i spent much time lounging about in suburbia, which i chose to think of as relaxing rather than mind-numbing, and that night i treated myself to dinner at sophia's and a long walk with a good friend from davis before heading back into the city.

the take-home lesson of the weekend: i love my sacto friends, and might even miss them something fIERce sometimes, but sF is a good home, haven, and heaven.

we missed you horribly all weekend, but i'm really glad you had fun. tons and tons of day parties to be had this summer, to be sure. just don't miss any more, or you'll be taken off the list.
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